Thursday, July 3, 2014

bone deep

the lump is out.(read previous blog)
here's a funny story for you -- the only context i can give you is that my surgeon used to run and knows i do.

Nurse - so you run?
me - yeah i run, not much lately
Nurse - i should run
me - sure 
nurse - why running instead of anything else?
me - it was the most efficient way to burn calories, to get in shape and i could control when i did it
nurse - it's so hard to find the motivation but it feels great afterwards. 
me - you got it 
nurse - yeah, i should run

Operating room
loud nurse -- so you run major marathons? 
me: yeah i run marathons
loud nurse: but you run the MAJOR marathons? like Boston?
me: yep, i've run boston
loud nurse to anesthesiologist and every one else: she runs MAJOR marathons
*lights out*

Post-op recovery room
nurse 3 - do you remember waking up?
me: no
nurse 3 - you don't know what you said?
me: nope, can't remember a thing
nurse 3 - the first thing you asked was when you could run, and then you asked when you could lift weights
me - so what did the doctor say 
nurse 3 - minimum 6wks of low activity, and after that he'll let you know.

call for follow-up appointment with surgeon
me: hi, i'd like to book a follow-up appointment
receptionist: sure ok. i bet you want to know when you can run again
me: exactly

it's what i do, it's how i see the world, it's who i am 
running goes bone deep with me. as much as i may take a break to lift weights and do other things, it's inevitable that i'll go back to running.i think about the races, i think about where i'd like to run next. i look at the weather as a runner, i look at hills as a runner. i look at the seasons as a runner. 

simply put - i'm a runner through and's how people see me and how i see myself.i always envied runners and now i'm one of them. unconditionally. i love it.

so tomorrow, i'll share some pics of some of my favourite runs over the past few years since i became a runner. here's an amuse-bouche to whet your appetite.

*andrew, if you're reading this, i'll get to BTR. i promised.


  1. I loved your blog post. I hope you have a speedy and permanent recovery!

  2. You're so adorable. And what spirit! I'm sending you speedy healing vibes.