Sunday, January 19, 2014

steady as she goes - lessons & pics from week 10 weight lifting

PROgress - make sure you say that with a long o, yo. PROOOgress.

I'm on week 10 of my training. it's coming along well. i'm impatient. i want results sooner, faster but the changes are happening under my skin so i can't see them. i also keep slipping on my food or chips call my name and if i see a cookie the kids have left around, it may disappear without a careful around me.

really though, this balance of spacing out my food throughout the day and making sure i'm eating the right ratio of fats, carbs and proteins -it's challenging. more challenging than lifting weights that make my wrists wobble wobble wobble.

here's some emails between my coach and I. i like them because you'll see he's pretty patient with me and you can see my doubts. but i stick to the plan (mostly) and in the pix you can see, stuff is still happening though i feel like it is so so so slow. have i mentioned i'm impatient?

Happy New Year!
The holidays are making me cranky because the days aren't consistent
and that irritates me when i'm trying to nail down training.

I've attached my report and some pix. Will send 2 more emails w the pix.

i just don't see any progress now...maybe it's the -15F weather that's
bumming me out.
Don't worry they are temporary and you should learn how to deal with social situations. -15, is that even possible. 

After looking everything over I am certain you will come back down as soon as you get back on schedule. The 11g of fat on average is 100 calories a day which is more than I would say your metabolism can adapt to at this stage quickly. However, getting back on track you will find it comes right off. It's the holidays and they should be enjoyed stress free. 

Come to Florida and get out of the cold. Don't change anything diet wise for now until we have a consistent weigh in. 
Paul Revelia
NGA & IFPA Pro Bodybuilder
Owner, Pro Physique Consulting

-15 should be illegal. :)

Ok, we'll stick to the current plan. I have a question about why my shirts are tight now.
I haven't gained much weight. I wore a work blouse today-buttons up the front. 
It gaped at the bust and was tight under the arms. It's never been like that before. 
Also I've noticed that with my long sleeve running shirts, the arms are pulling up and they seem short now...
is this because of the extra weight? Should i be trying to lose more? It's kind of a downer and makes 
me feel like a fatty.

Yeah-florida would be good right about now-but i'm not going anywhere warm until i'm bikini 
ready... and i have a ways to go. :) 

Are you suggesting you are adding muscle, that's kind of what I like to do. You describe extra muscle in the shoulder, back and arm area. 
For reals? This is good? Ok. I have faith. Food will be better this week. Seriously. I have muscle...go figure....but i thought muscle was leaner? 

Muscle is all lean, there is no such thing as fat muscle, they are different substances all together. If you add muscle it will increase your size, the fat you still have is there as well which gives the appearance of being bigger. 
Me: (in my head)
great. i have my fat layer and now muscle too...super size me.

The proof is in the pudding...but since i pudding would mess with my macros, the pix are the proof.
Day 1 November 9          Week 4, December 10     Week 9 January 17



  1. You are doing so awesome! Lookin good!

  2. Those are some amazing results you got there. Keep up the good work - very inspiring.