Monday, December 16, 2013


i've never eaten so much and lost weight. it's strange but it's perfectly rational. my approach to weight loss was calorie counting. it was great. i could live on coffee and eat a bag of chips for dinner, stay under my calorie goal and lose weight...the flabby crabby part is sort of a buzz kill though.

my coach works with me on my nutrition and the basis of the diet are macronutrients. He gives me target amounts that I'm to eat for fat, protein, fibre and carbs. Do you know how hard it is to hit the right ratio on target?

this macro diet has so much potential food diversity-it's fantastic.The whole family can eat turkey chili instead of beef chili and it's 70% less fat. I do have a protein shake most days and until now, I've mixed it with water, creatine, and chia seeds. At my new gym, before I ordered a smoothie, they provided me with the nutritional information I needed. I was pleasantly surprised.Sign me up for a pina colada mango smoothie anyday!

We went out for a birthday dinner at a steak restaurant and the restaurant's web site showed you the nutritional info for each item on their menu and allowed you to create a meal that met your requirements - before you even got to the restaurant...i didn't quite stick to the plan when i ordered the dessert  -- but i'm tricky like that - it's good to be spontaneous sometimes, no?

so, yes, abs are made in the kitchen. i'm really paying attention to what i eat. everything i eat, i put in my online diary. i have a running tally going all day long. it doesn't take long. the mobile app makes it easy. sure, it takes time...but i need to take the time to think through choices. i can see what the impact is going to be on my daily macro targets based on choosing one thing over another. another interesting observation is that my nutrition tracker also recommends a target number of calories for slow weight reduction. Using my macro targets, i rarely max out my calories but i am never hungry. here's what happened last week that taught me about food choices.

last friday, i was on a school trip with my daughter. we were spending the day outside tromping around the snow and having a campfire lunch of roasted hotdogs. I brought along veggie dogs - was happy to see how much protein they had. I hadn't counted on the white buns being so high in carbs.the sweetened hot chocolate really did me in (sugar means carbs, gulp). i was hungry by dinner and I had used up all my carbs. Well, I listened to my body and had a nutritious dinner. i chalked up the extra carbs to learning and moved on. i wasn't going to starve for the rest of the day and be cranky. when i look at the week overall, i'm right where i'm supposed to be.

so, i live, i learn and i'm feeling healthier. i see the difference in how much additional weight i can now lift compared to five weeks ago. for some reason, it seems like a lot of little muscles are showing up these days when i watch myself lift. the middle of my back hurts and it's a good sore. it's just a good feeling all over. it keeps me going back to the gym for more.

last week, my coach said the active weight loss phase is done for now and it's time to move into some the "reverse diet" phase and he added more carbs to my target - which i've learned does not mean a bag of chips! i have trepidation here because it seems wrong to add more food to become leaner, but i've put my faith in an expert and i've made a commitment to myself and i see results far sooner than i'd expected. here is a pic taken this morning from the end of week 5. It looks the same as Dec 2 (the pic i posted last week) to me but in other areas, i can feel more muscle...i'm just too shy to show you those...maybe someday.

5 wks, Dec 16 
Day 1, Nov 9 

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