Monday, November 18, 2013

extra milfy, no bs & an extra shot of sass

i've been leading a secret life and it's time to talk about it. i've decided to strengthen up my body. i've hired a bodybuilder to get to my goal. here's my coach, Paul Revelia, the owner of ProPhysique. there is no comfort zone.i've never done anything like this. it's perfect.

my bodybuilding coach, Paul Revelia, owner & founder, ProPhysique

go big ... or go home
i had a choice to make and i can't do it all. training for marathons has left me lopsided. with a demanding career, 2 active children and an athletic husband, once i'm done running for an hour, or two, or three, the rest of the day is no longer mine. there is simply no time for anything but running.  [read the backstory of how i got to this decision in the blog post before this one.]

wear and tear
marathoning is starting to take its toll on me. not in large ways. i'm fortunate and i've never been injured...but i can feel the structural weaknesses. my piriformis, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and abs, hell even my mid back - they aren't getting the support they need to support my running habit. every once in a while, they grumble but haven't gone on strike yet.

even more than that, i don't like my current shape. i've never been a big fan of my body, but lately i've taken to obsessing over how much i hate some parts of me. it has to stop.

mischief becomes me
time to build some muscle and build back some self-confidence. those are my very simple goals over the next 12 weeks. i simply want to go back to being my usual sexy self and get that twinkle of mischief back in my eye.

weak one
This week was humbling as i literally took measure of where i'm at. i weighed myself and had my body fat and body parts measured. i had to send those horrendous "before" pics to my coach. fuck, talk about a joy kill. (i put one at the bottom - it's the only one i'm sharing out loud.)

slow and steady burn 
the weights were tough and my body is screaming. it feels good to torch my abs and feel them four days later. Paul's my guide on what i should do so that i work in a steady, consistent way towards my goals instead of diving in, doing too much, and hurting myself.

fueling my passion
Paul's nutrition plan for me is simple - he gives me a number of grams that I should take in every day for proteins, carbs, fats and fibre. He'll adjust those as we go along and we see how my body responds. it's challenging as fuck to eat that much protein but carbs and fat don't seem to be an issue at all :) my food diary is because it has a blackberry compatible app. i don't find it an issue to log what i eat.

so much to learn
buying supplements at a bodybuilding shop was definitely interesting. the three guys working all wanted to know about my coach, what my macro diet looked like, and they gave me some good food ideas, and found all the stuff i needed. the most challenging part about the supplements is to drink all the liquid required for a protein shake, for my BCAAs. oh yeah - BCAAs? who am i? i don't know a thing about any of this stuff and that's why i love it. oh, and i now drink green apple flavoured fish oil. smh! :)

in the gym, i'm still unsure and so i go at the quiet times of the day. a trainer showed me the machines i need and gave me some pointers on my form. i watch people on the machines and they give me tips sometimes.

reality check
Here's part of my note to my coach today.

Oh yeah- I didn't really say how I'm feeling about this after week 1. I'm still excited. I've had a taste of the work ahead and it's
humbling. But, I've had to start at the bottom before and I'm not
afraid of the work or the discipline required. There is no romance -
results are earned with the right, consistent practices. This week
overall has been a reality check and so of course, I'm taking that in
and realizing just how hard the road ahead is going to be. I just
really hope I can see some toning/fat loss etc fairly soon to keep me
motivated. For me, results are the only thing that matter and if I can
see that I'm on the right path, I'll work even harder.

the naked truth
here's the only pic of me that i'll ever show you. it was taken on november 10. of course, i'm going to pick the best one to show you. i know that having a stronger body isn't the cure for sadness but knowing that i'm caring for myself makes me whole. that confidence is undeniably sexy.

37.5mm fat on those thighs
simply put, i'm on a 12 week trip to being extra milfy, with no BS, and a double shot of sass...aka - the best of me. :)


  1. Nice work. I have pretty much given up long distance to focus on weights. I might sneak a 1/2 or Spartan in but I feel better after weights than running. Keep up the hard work.

    1. thank you! :) this is such a change. feels like a good one! so what motivated you to give up long distance running?

  2. This is awesome. You are honest and real. Have fun with the new plan, and can't wait to see how it all goes!

    1. Thank you Laura. The new plan is exciting. I'm encouraged and just being out of my comfort zone feels like a good way to refocus some energy!