Saturday, December 29, 2012

vanilla leaves me wanting

in 2012 i focused on my one thing: running.i trained for a marathon for 11 months. i ran like it was my job.i'm glad i accomplished 98% of my training workouts. i ran for almost all of those workouts. that's 2816 km/1750 miles. That's an average of 54 km or 33.6 miles per week. wow. up until these past 6 slacktastic weeks, i was a running BAMF! :) 

as importantly - i didn't get there alone, it took the entire twitter, fb and dailymile global village to get me there - mind, body and soul! a deep sincere thank you to a few special people that never let me down. xo xo

i want more
after falling apart mentally and physically in 2011, i had 2 goals for this year - get my strength back and get my speed back. i did those. i'm pretty pleased...but - it's not enough, it's not sustainable, it's starting to feel like the same ol' same ol' ... running is starting to feel vanilla...i need the passion back. 

i want to experiment
it's time to change things up. this year will be about taking some risks, trying some new things, rekindling my passion for fitness by broadening my activities. 

1. body - i just want to set myself free to do aerobic classes, weights -try kettlebells, cross-fit, suspended yoga, moksha yoga, spin classes. oh hell - i might even take swimming lessons and ride my roadbike - call me batshit crazy. it's time to have fun. try stuff. make a fool of myself. grow and learn. 

2. mind - when i started this blog, the goal was "believe" "believe" in myself. well, i'm not there yet. i'm much closer. after being diagnosed with major depression. a major discovery for me was hypnosis. my fuckedupness is hard-wired way beneath my conscious and so with hypnosis, i've made huge progress in purging the negativity. i'm going to continue w hypnosis but work on internalizing the deep relaxation to become self-dependent. this will be the toughest challenge and maybe the most rewarding.

3. food - 2012 was ok. i ran a lot and so i ate a lot. it wasn't always the best food for me. however, this year, it's time to clean it up-fuel fitness in body and mind.

i want to picture it

ripped.flexible.graceful.i use words often to create an image i hold onto as i workout. visioning works for me. it always has. i am deliberate in many ways and i look down the line to see where i want to be. i keep the end in mind and figure out how to get there.

i want it all
i thrive when i am given complex, multiple challenges. my 2013 goals aren't work. they're things i enjoy and all three are inter-related. they aren't three disparate components of myself - i've taken a holistic approach to wellness.they all work in harmony. [geez, i sound so damn new agey - where's my fucking chakra crystal?]

here's to experimenting in 2013...cheers!

i want it to last a long time
i'm not quite dead yet. i just turned 44. i'm back to the level of fitness i've always been at and i haven't slowed down. i need to think about my longer term wellness and start to build a better foundation so i can enjoy my fitness longer. nothing prevents aging, but working out does kick its ass! 

i want to tell you about it
i write when i'm motivated. when i'm trying new things, i light up. i want to chat and share and explore. i want to blog more - i've missed it. i have a couple of entries in the hopper - one about a pet-peeve of mine and another about my first hot yoga experience. 

p.s. as i sit here writing this, all i can think about is how 6 wks of taking it easy has turned me into a plump, soft slug...more on that later.

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  1. LOve this entry! Those are great targets to strive for and I like your approach. Looking forward to reading about your journey.